About ourKitchen

“The best way to your soul is to tickle your palate.”

A piece of Ireland in the province of Salzburg: The genuine Angus beef from the Atlantic island is the specialty of our kitchen. And grill master Aldo Zanatta knows how our guests like it: Watch while the steak is grilled and is immediately brought and sliced at your table.
Angus beef at its best: Piece by piece a delight. Served with a show board of creative side dishes and fine wines from our wine cellar. An Evening for the senses and the soul.

Try our homemade sauces like our Redcurrant-Ginger-Sauce.

About ourAtmosphere

St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee in Salzkammergut is an inspiring beautiful place. Right here, idyllically hidden at the edge of woods and meadows, is our Restaurant: Salzburg and the rest of the world enjoy a meal here overlooking the open grill. Like our Angus beef, our atmosphere does not compromise: Expect the Genuine, discover authenticity, experience originality. Angusta in St. Gilgen has always radiated the charm and the charisma of unspoilt nature. The wooden table where you sit, is as much a natural product as the steak on your plate. In the summer months, on our restaurant terrace, you breathe the scent of grass and flowers, carried by a gentle breeze from the fields to your table.

About ourTeam

Thats the way Founders and BBQ-Chefs look like: Aldo from Udine.

Walter from Udine is on fire for good food.

Fire and flames for your Steak: Bettina and Aldo.

What would the best Angus beef be without the people who prepare and serve it? The Angusta team carries the passion for good food from the grill to your table.

It all began with a unique idea. Bettina Schimpelsberger-Zanatta and her husband Aldo Zanatta wanted to bring the Irish Angus beef to St. Gilgen, and serve it to their guests directly from the grill. The concept worked: From a secret, hidden away place it quickly became a widely known restaurant that attracts guests from all corners. With the number of guests increasing the family-run team also had to grow. Today Bettina, Aldo, Walter, Bruno and Nadia make sure that the corners of your mouth tend upwards. When may we put a smile on the face?

Angusta's heart and soul: Founder Bettina.

Small but excellent: Welcome at Angusta!