and moreAngus beef

More than just a steak restaurant: Our grilled Irish Angus beef is unique in the region. The fine marbling of fat in the meat’s tissue makes the enjoyment distinctive.

“Genuine Angus: the best beef in the world.”

Prefer to have a big salad? A sea bass fillet? Or a real Italian pasta? On our menu you will find a small fine selection of freshly prepared dishes. And a good selection of appetizers, soups and desserts.

forat Home

Genuine Irish Angus beef is hard to get. We import it regularly into Angusta in St. Gilgen - and make it available now to you also to be taken to your home. Order your angus beef for your own barbecue.

“Genuine Angus: now available for your barbecuew.”

Order your angus beef.


The wine-cellar refines the kitchen: Ask us for fine red and white wines from Austria, Italy and Spain. Various special beers from the region are waiting for beer lovers.